Warner Brothers Lays the Foundation


AZM Ally Greg writes in with news that Warner Brothers has acquired the movie rights to Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series from Fox and is handing the project over to former New Line heads Bob Shaye and Michael Lynn. You may recall that Shaye and Lynn were instrumental in bringing The Lord of the Rings to realization at New Line. Clearly, Warner Brothers hopes that lightning can strike twice.

Of course, it’s easy to nay say. Foundation is impossibly epic spanning, especially if you include the Robot and Empire series. However, similar skepticism was thrown around when LOTR was announced and that trilogy turned out wonderfully. We’ll just have to wait and see if this gets beyond a rights buyout. I would be nice to get a good sci-fi epic on screen to get beyond the Stars Trek and Wars. Yes, yes, I know we’ve got CG clones and emo Starfleet to look forward to. But I kind of feel we’re getting stuck in a sci-fi rut. We need a new take on our future and though Foundation could be considered an old take, it stands the test of time. I’m cautiously optimistic.

[Via Sci-Fi Storm]