Robo Cop Exoskeleton Helps Paralysed Man Walk Again

Robo Cop

AZM Ally Greg sent along this piece about Radi Kaiof, a paralyzed 41 year old who is now able to walk thanks to ReWalk. ReWalk is an exoskeleton that uses motorized leg supports, body sensors, and a control box and power supply worn as a backpack. The system still requires crutches to help balance. Kaiof was injured in the line of duty in 1988 while serving with the Israeli military and hasn’t been able to walk until ReWalk.

ReWalk is in clinical trials in Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Center and is scheduled to go on public sale in 2010 for about £10,000.

£10,000 is around $18,439 USD. So my dreams of arming myself with a robotic exo armor to prepare for Skynet’s future onslaught will have to wait until I’m mad rich. I suspect that price point is affordable for military hospitals and people like Larry Flint. Oh god, imagine Larry Flint walking around with his robo cock! It’d be interesting to see if medical coverage would extend to a system like ReWalk.

[Via Daily Mail]