Chev Chelios is a Cyborg!

Chev Chelios's Big Ass Head

I just love the photos of Jason Statham’s big ass head!

We’ve got some more Crank 2: High Voltage info. If you saw the first movie, then you know why everyone was scratching their head when they announced a sequel. But now it all makes sense. Turns out some evil fucker cut out Chev Chelio’s heart and replaced with a mechanical device that requires a jolt of high voltage every now and then. Brilliant. Sequel away. Apparently, this is the craziest movie Statham has ever seen.

High voltage is an understatement. They locked themselves in a room for three days with five bottles of tequila and wrote the most offensive, outrageous script I’ve ever read. Poor Amy Smart, that’s my concern. There is a very indulgent sex scene on a race track. I don’t want to give too much away. They have all the capabilities of making it the crazy action movie that they wanted. It’s like Crank 1 but times 1,000.

Wow. I don’t know if you can top banging Amy Smart in the middle of China Town with a bus load of Korean school girls giggling away, but now I’m intrigued. Kudos to Amy for signing on for a second flick. She’s gotta have a great sense of humor.

The more I hear about this flick, the more I have to see it!

[Via i09]