September 2008

Super Art Fight Teaser

If you missed our first Super Art Fight at the Ottobar, we have video footage of the whole night that’s being edited together. For now, we have this quick, thirty second teaser. There’s no audio so you can create your own soundtrack and soundeffects. I can’t wait to see more!

[Via Dead of Summer]

Airman Will Not Die

Angry Zen Minion Kevin Bahrt sent along this video that recalls days of old when I would try desperately to make it past Airman’s stage only to be horribly pwned by the fan man himself. I wonder if Mega Man 9 is just as difficult. I love the 8-bit animation in this video. It would be so amazing if Mega Man was animated like this. Notes on the video indicate that the subtitles might not be completely accurate so I’ll leave it to my Japanese speaking friends to let us know what’s what.

Warrio, Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room

Warrio Land Screengrab

To advertise Warrio Land: Shake It! for the Wii, Nintendo came up with a pretty innovative web trailer. Witness Warrio absolutely destroy YouTube!

It would be both horrifying and amusing if this game did similar things to your tele.

[Via Experience Wii]

Nothing Is Sacred. Blade Runner 2 in the Works.

Blade Runner

Angry Zen Minion Ted O’Hanlan sends word that one of the writers of that dumb-shit Shia LaBeouf thing, Eagle Eye, is working on a sequel to Blade Runner. Travis Wright and John Glenn worked on a first draft of Eagle Eye before Glenn left the partnership. The two had previously talked about writing a sequel to Blade Runner and even got some input from Blade Runner producer Bud Yorkin, but that all ended a while ago. So if there is still a sequel in the works, Wright is running solo.

No studio is attached to develop the project so for now, it’s all in Wright’s head. Here’s hoping it stays there. Blade Runner needs no sequel. After twenty six years, the film stands the test of time. We rarely get sci-fi films that hold up for even five years. A sequel has little chance of living up to that standard of quality.

[Via Slash Film]

Kamen Rider Saga

Angry Zen Minion S.Blue sent along this clip of Kamen Rider Saga’s henshin and finisher sequence. Saga appears to be quite a sick fuck of a rider. You’d never know from the looks of his sissy rapier, but his finishing move is fucking evil. Almost feel sorry for the Fangire.

In other Rider news, there’s going to be another Den-O movie?! What the fuck! How is Den-O so popular? Ugh.

Jack Thompson Disbarred

Jack Thompson GTA
photo via Kotaku

Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson writes in with news that should bring a smile to the hearts of gamers even in this time of financial crisis:

Oh happy day! He’s crusaded after video games since Hot Coffee and he tried getting the Penny Arcade boys arrested without ever leaving his living room. But today, the games end as Jack “Hot Coffee” Thompson, the Tipper Gore of the video game industry, has been disbarred from practicing law for life by the Supreme Court. The official report reads as follows;

“The Court approves the corrected referee’s report and John Bruce Thompson is permanently disbarred, effective thirty days from the date of this order so that respondent can close out his practice and protect the interests of existing clients. If respondent notifies the Court in writing that he is no longer practicing and does not need the thirty days to protect existing clients, this Court will enter an order making the permanent disbarment effective immediately. Respondent shall accept no new business from the date this order is filed.”

On top of all of this, Thompson has been ordered to reimburse Florida bar fees in excess of $43,000.

Gamers all over the globe rejoice.

But Battlin’ Jack Thompson ain’t going out without a fight! In fact, he’s filed an emergency motion with federal court alleging the Florida Supreme Court’s rush to disbarment is retaliation for Thompson’s activism:

The timing of this disbarment transparently reveals its motivation: This past Friday Thompson filed a federal civil rights action against The Bar, the Supreme Court, and all seven of its Justices. This rush to disbarment is in retribution for the filing of that federal suit. With enemies this foolish, Thompson needs only the loyal friends he has.

Ugh. Long ass court battle it is. The good thing, even if a federal court agrees to hear Thompson’s motion, he’s out of gamers hair for a good long while.

So here’s the question, now that Jacky boy is on the outs, who’s coming in to replace him? I fear that this is a short lived victory. In this time of rampant idiotic fear, I bet there are lawyers just chomping at the bit to take Thompson’s anti-gaming crusade to the next level.

[Via Kotaku]

Certified Mghty – Bart Bacon


Name and/or Alias: Bart Bacon/bigtiny24

Location: Denton, Texas

Occupation: Handyman

Worst movie you’ve ever seen, ever: The Skeleton Key

Best shitty movie you’ve ever seen: toss up between Fallen and End of Days, endings sucked

If you were forced to make a remake of a classic film or 80’s property, what would you pick? Thundercats

Where do you prefer to watch your movies, IMAX, theater, computer, television, or iPod? 1. Theater 2.Computer

Favorite movie moment: in Leon the Professional, “leon:Stansfield? Stansfield:At your service. L:this is from matilda. *pin* S:Shit” BOOM

Top five favorite comics/webcomics: The Ultimates, Wolverine vs. Hulk, Ultimate Xmen (first two trades), applegeks, megatokyo

Comic/webcomic you’d like to see as a movie: The ultimates (live action)

Favorite artist: Takemura sessyu

Favorite writer: Steven King

What’s worse, Clone Saga or One More Day? clone saga(not a big starwars fan)

Floppies, trade paper backs, digital downloads, or webcomics? trades and digidowns

Favorite comic moment: Nick fury using super powers on a goverment budget(ultimat xmen trade #1 i think)

Mac or PC? PC

Henshin device: Veal Picatta and a bottle of Captain Morgan

Battle cry: no battle cry, you just feel lots of pain

Mighty finisher: the nutbreaker(kinda like a back breaker only its your nuts)

How did you discover the Angry Zen Master? a friend said “check this out!”

Would you like to be “Certified Mighty?” Check out the profile questions and shoot me an email.

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