Robot Origami Wars, Torimoto vs SolidWorks

Kick Ass 3D Show

Can origami master Norio Torimoto fold an origami robot faster than a computer can design and actual robot? Tune into to Torimoto’s kick ass 3D show! Head on over to the site to check it out.

Skynet is using SolidWorks which is sort of like AutoCAD light. It’s used to make 3D objects that can be used in rapid prototyping machines or converted to blue prints for real world construction. You can actually make physical interactions with parts that you create so that you can simulate how they’ll interact with each other in real life. This is great for designing almost anything with moving mechanical parts. And the best part is, once you send your finished model to a rapid prototyper, you get back an actual model that functions the way you designed it.

Anyway, yes, robots are fucking awesome. Origami robots, doubly so.

Origami Bot vs Solidworks Bot.

You can download the pattern for Torimoto-san’s origami bot and download free versions of SolidWorks.

[Via SolidWorks]