Super Art Fight Has the Biggest Balls of Them All!

Super Art Fight
photo by Matt Roth

Super Art Fight was absolutely amazing, a perfect geek storm where plans and reality converged at the Ottobar. When it ended, we left humbled and awed. The show far exceeded our expectations. The full impact of what we accomplished hasn’t quite sunk in, but you can bet your ass December’s show will shake Baltimore to its core!

This sheer feat of awesomeness could not have been accomplished without our awesome crew, our special guests, and our artists. Massive love to the Ottobar for believing in us and having the faith to book us on the main stage. Giant hugs to the Morlock Enterprises crew for constructing and setting up the awesome rack that held up our canvasses and for mounting all of the canvasses between bouts! None of this would have been possible without Morlock. Great sloppy disco kisses to DJ Sheephead of the Megadrives for keeping the artists pumped while they arted with tasty jams. Keep December open because we totally want you back to spin for us again! Giant vinyl smoochies to Octopus Design for hooking us up with our very own Monskey Mascot. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more about Monskey in the future. Drunken fuzzy hugs to Karmella’s Game for rocking out two sets in between our opening bouts. The audience never had a chance to get bored with you guys pumping everyone up! And great big metal horns to Headwounds for headlining. I wish more people stuck around to see you guys completely destroy the stage!

Marty and Ross, no live art show has ever had better commentators. Your running commentary really gave the whole night a professional feel. Dern, I wish we had a camera on you all night because that Hadron Collider with that brain guy, Wall-E, and King Kong was fucking awesome! Wish I could have seen the construction. Jamie and Mike, your opening bout really kicked things into high gear! Watching you guys compete inspired the rest of us to kick our games up a few notches. Garth and Chris, you two fucking went for it! Extra special props to Chris for creating our Wheel of Death. I can’t wait to see the Wheel of Death 2.0 at the December show.

Nick, what the fuck can I say. Super Art Fight would still be something we just talked about if it weren’t for you. You made this shit happen. You booked the club, the bands, the schedule. Dude, without you, some other fucks would have done this and we’d be sitting at home wondering what it would be like to be on stage drawing on giant canvas. Who knew that our chance meeting at some random art panel would have led to this madness! Thank you, Nick, for making our mad idea into reality.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to everyone who came out to the show. You guys, all of you, thank you so much. You guys showed us that an art show could indeed headline a club show. From every part of our hearts, bottom, middle, top, backside, thank you thank you thank you!

Keep your December calendars light because Super Art Fight will return in a big way! We’ve only just begun! I’ll try to do a proper recap sometime later, but for now, check out this awesome slideshow of the evening with photos by Matt Roth and “Feral Cow” by Headwounds.