Sylar Chokes the Shit Out of Kirk

Sylar Chokes Kirk

AZM Allys Kensei Dave and Marty have both posted a bunch of new Star Trek photos sent out by Paramount to various websites. Above, we see Sylar choking the shit out of Kirk. This image alone should inspire a good deal of Spock/Kirk choking fetish slash especially when you consider Spock’s new uniform which seems to be ribbed for his pleasure.

Eric Bana as Piccolo

In this image, we see Eric Bana as Piccolo. This has to be the craziest crossover ever! DBZ versus Starfleet!

There are other photos of the crew with a rebellious Kirk wearing all black instead of his traditional yellow/mustard colored uniform. All the uniforms have this weird webbing that recalls Spider-Man’s movie costume. I guess you need more detail to look at when you’re shooting for film. Maybe? *shrug*

There’s probably very little that this movie can do to win me over. The tech far surpasses anything on the original show or any incarnation of Trek for that matter. I suppose that can’t really be helped. But the look is far too polished, clean, sterile. The set looks like a futuristic dentist’s office. And nothing good can come of a dentist’s office, future or otherwise.

I do not like this Sam I Am, I do not like Trek with A-Brams.

[Via Neoprotoculture and Blast-O-Rama]