Ah, The Power of Char

Char Clone!

You may have noticed a decided lack of Gundam OO last Gundam Wednesday. This week, we make up for it with some Char Clone action! Three times the clone!

This is a screen cap of “Bushido” sent over by Angry Zen Minion Kevin Bahrt. It’s not Gundam without a Char Clone. This guy looks a bit more badass than Zechs Marquise. He’s also a dirty Feddie which is a break from the tradition of Char Clones.

I still haven’t logged enough time with this series to really know any of the characters. Char Clone kind of interests me, but I’m holding out for Gundam Unicorn. There are some rumors floating around that there will, in fact, be a Gundam Unicorn anime. And there was that Unicorn animated commercial. All signs point to “YES PLEASE!”

In the meantime, here’s the new opening for season two of Duberu-Oh!