Frank Miller, “This Movie is NOT a Tribute to Will Eisner…”

Frank Miller's Spirit

“… it’s a tribute to my EGO!”

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sent along this little video interview with Frank Miller on the origin of his Spirit movie. There’s a touch of arrogance in the way Miller talks about his relationship with Will Eisner. It’s clear he’s approaching this project as if he had Eisner’s blessing. And yet every bit of this film is devoid of anything remotely resembling Eisner’s Spirit, both literally and figuratively. This is not Will Eisner’s Spirit. This is Frank Miller’s Spirit. His last statement pretty much says it all, “This movie is not a tribute to Will Eisner. It’s a tribute to the Spirit.”


So it’s pretty clear that I think this movie is a crock of shit, even if it features Chesty Johansson who I quite like in pretty much everything. The question is, does Miller owe it to Eisner to portray the Spirit as originally conceived or is he doing things right by taking the concept and making it his own? Can a modern interpretation of the Spirit stay faithful to Eisner’s original or must it be bloodied up to make it relevant with a contemporary audience? Pure shit or absolute genius?

[Via Yahoo Movies]