Live Action Ninja Scroll Defies Logic

Ninja Scroll

AZM Ally Kensei Dave writes in with the horrifying news that Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to make a live action Ninja Scroll. The script will be written by Alex Tse who wrote the screen play for Watchmen. Leonardo DiCarprio’s production company Appian Way will co-produce the film with Mad House.

I suspect that the execs who approved this acquisition never ever saw Ninja Scroll. This thing would have to be rated XXX or at least NC-17 to do it right. It’s ninja porn. Blades, blood, and boobs. If any of them had seen Ninja Scroll they would have thrown Leo out on his ass. This is a really bad idea. Honestly, there’s not much plot to Ninja Scroll. Without the hyper violence and copious boobage, it’s not too compelling a tale. Jubei saves girl made of poison. Jubei ignores girl made of poison. Girl made of poison falls in love with Jubei. Girl made of poison dies.

Okay, so that actually sounds pretty interesting. But I still think this is a bad idea. If the anime was shown in theaters, there’s no way a simple R rating would cover the insanity. Translating that into live action would be completely balls crazy.

Hell with it, let’s play the casting game. Who would you like to see as Jubei and Kagero?

[Via Variety]