Jaden Smith, The Next Next Karate Kid

Cobra Kai

Angry Zen Minion Wayne W writes in the with the horrific news that Columbia Pictures will remake The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son.

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Let’s be clear, I have nothing against Jaden Smith. I think he is a fine young actor and has a promising career ahead of him. But a Karate Kid without Pat Morita is wrong. Yes, Miyagi-san is a somewhat stereotypical portrayal of Japanese Americans. But there was real magic between him and Ralph Maccio. Relaunching the franchise without the original Miyagi is no. The only other person I could have seen playing the part was Mako and he’s gone.

Honsetly, no one gives a shit about The Karate Kid. Why not start a whole new franchise with Jaden? Why tie him to a 24 year old franchise when you could just as easily start a entirely new one? Who cares that it would borrow from The Karate Kid. It’s not that original a story. Kid gets bullied. Kid wants to learn karate. Kid learns karate from master. Kid beats bullies in martial arts tourney. I just described like a bazillion Kung Fu movies.

This is just fucking lazy. I’d be pissed if I was Jaden. He can carry his own franchise. Give the kid his own movie and stop trying to relive old glories. The Karate Kid was a big hit because martial arts was gaining a lot of popularity at the time. It hit at the right moment. Martial arts is everywhere these days. Everyone and their uncle has done some martial arts by now. You’re not going to get the same kind of buzz as you did with the original. People will go see it just because Jaden’s in it and if that’s the case, start fresh and kick off something new.

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