Rise of the Batmen

I Are Batmens

Remember when Doomsday killed Superman and then a whole bunch of Supermen popped up claiming to be the real Superman but they weren’t and then the real Superman came back and kicked all their candy asses? Yeah, that sucked. So what does DC do right after they kill of Batman? REEEEEEMIX! Ugh.

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sent along this teaser for The Battle For the Cowl which drops in March 2009 and all I could think of was “Hey, it’s Rise of the Supermen only with Batmen! Hurray!” Oh, and look. There’s Damian. How annoying. What Harley is doing there is anyone’s guess. And I’d like to see more than just a token use of Batwoman. So left to right, here are my guesses:

  • Tim Drake rocking out his bo staff and looking ever so sexay.
  • Harley. Maybe she’s a red herring.
  • Alfred all dolled up in Army gear. I bet he’ll take to the streets to lay down some sweet justice.
  • Buff Bats makes me think Dick Grayson, the obvious choice to replace Bruce.
  • Display case for Bruce’s costume.
  • Two toned Bats could be Harvey. If you look closely at the exposed part of the face, the left side is scarred. Or it could be Bruce, horribly scarred after the helicopter splody.
  • Mech bats? Who cares.
  • Batwoman looks ready for some hardcore detectiving with her magnifying glass. Man, why won’t they just give her her own title already.
  • Damian. Blech. Do. Not. Want.
  • Bruce Wayne? Could it be that Bruce wants to give up the cowl to spend “quality” time with Damian? Is Bruce Wayne really a dirty kid toucher like we all kind of suspected? Is this just a red herring like Harley?

I was hoping for a more natural succession, kind of like Wally inheriting the mantle of The Flash from Barry. But with another big cluster fuck Crisis on infinite Batmen event, my interest in The Battle For the Cowl is fairly low.

[Via Newsarama]