Garrett Hedlund Cast as Lead in Tron 2… er Tr2n… uh Tron… Whatever They’re Calling It

Shirtless Garrett Hedlund

AZM Ally Greg sends word that the ever so shirtless Garrett Hedlund has been cast as the lead in the Tron sequel, now entitled Tron until they change it again. I haven’t seen anything he’s been in, but Greg quite liked him in Four Brothers. Oh wait, I forgot. I saw Eragon. But that movie sucked so bad that I completely forgot any of the secondary characters. So I am completely unfamiliar with Hedlund.

No new details about the plot, but Jeff Bridges will reprise his role as the now CEO of ENCOM Kevin Flynn. No word of Bruce Boxleitner or Cindy Morgan returning as Alan or Lora which would be so geekfully awesome, but I’m guessing they won’t.

If it lives up to the geek hype, Tron could be the big breakout flick for Hedlund and breath new life into the franchise. Here’s hoping for the best.

UPDATE: io9 has a little bit about Bruce Boxleitner’s involvement in the sequel. Looks like we’ll see the return of Alan 1! Hooray! Now I’m excited!

[Via Hollywood Reporter]