Lesbian Vampire Killers

It’s Fanservice Friday! And what better way to start off such a sexy occasion than with the trailer for this soon-to-be cult smash, Lesbian Vampire Killers! I like vampires. I like lesbians. Two great tastes in one? Epic win!

If I owned a sexy theater (let’s face it. Any theater I owned would be quite the sexy), I would play a double-header of Zombie Strippers followed by Lesbian Vampire Killers. They’re meant to be in a sexy Grindhouse.

The website has a comic prequel of sorts which is quite sexy. It’s set to hit theaters in the UK March 20. No word if it’ll cross the pond. But my dream of a sexy stripper, zombie, lesbian vampire Grindhouse will some true dammit! So say we all!

[Via Lesbian Vampire Killers]