Television Fables


AZM Ally Kensei Dave writes in with news that ABC will produce a pilot for a television adaptation of Vertigo’s Fables. Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzer, producers and creators of “Six Degrees,” are writing the script for the pilot with David SemelSemel as the director. No exact details but Snow White and Big Bad Wolf will be featured. Wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to guess that they’re starting right off with investigation of Red Rose’s murder.

Apparently, NBC attempted to launch a series based on the comic for the 2006-2007 season. Nothing came of it, obviously, but it seems to have been on Hollywood’s radar for a good bit.

I have mixed feelings about all this. The comic is so great on its own. Some things just work better in comics than other mediums and I think Fables is an excellent example of that. It seems so easy to screw up in live action. Casting will certainly be key. Staying faithful to the source material may not be such a big deal to anyone but comic geeks. The trick is to retain the feeling of the books and so much of that comes from mixing of the art and writing. That magic doesn’t always translate well in live action.

So, Fables fans, looking forward to your favorite comic coming to the small screen? Is it better suited for a series of feature films? Or would you rather it stay in comic form?

[Via Hollywood Reporter]