Is That A Gundam In Your Backpack Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Gundam Backpack

So the big reveal on Gundam Duberu Oh is that Gundam Seravee’s backpack is… wait for it… another Gundam! That’s right, Seravee is the Kankuro of Gundam. Amiami has a lot of picks of what looks like a 1/144 scale kit of the Gundam Seravee with the Gundam Seraphim backpack. It also appears that Seravee’s big knee pads are actually arms. Cause… um… Gundams need more arms. I guess. Seraphim also appears to have a giant Gundam head in its chest which can only mean one thing. It’s only a matter of time before Rita Repulsa makes her Bushido grow and the Gundam pilots have to combine to form a Mighty Morphing Gundam Zord to take on the Giant Bushido. My brian hurts now.

I’ve been kind of following Gundam Maniac’s recaps of the second season of Duberu Oh which I suspect are much more entertaining than the series itself. Ah well. I’m just hanging around until Unicorn gets animated.