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Month / January 2009

Kamen Rider G

I’m not entirely certain what I’m looking at here. But it looks like a Kamen Rider parody by SMAP. They also did a Super Sentai parody as well as Kamen Renaider a while back. I wonder if Kamen Rider G will show up in the Decade movie.

Skynet Biding Time On Mars

AZM Ally Greg has discovered that Skynet has fled to Mars. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reports that for some unexplained reason, on the 1800th Martian day of its mission, the Spirit rover suddenly blanked out. The rover did not record what it did for about an hour and a half on that day. Another rover […]

The Army’s Wall-E

Introducing the Army’s Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle, SUGV. Looks like a bare bones Wall-E or baby Johnny 5. The remote controlled robot is outfitted with a whole array of cameras. Its treads are supposed to allow it to traverse many types of terrain, but apparently, it can’t handle mud. Awe, it looks so sad!

Coin Flip Cinema Debuts

Our very own AZM Ally Mikey D has started up a new podcast, Coin Flip Cinema. Their first show is an intro show, but for each episode, Mike and Dave will flip a coin to decide what movies they’re going to review. The winner of the coin toss picks a film that’s currently playing, the […]

Underpants 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

There are movies that are just so bad that in order to properly enjoy them, they must be viewed with a group of fairly geeky friends. And so it was that a rag tag group of morons, myself and my wife, Nelly and Jim from Morlock, Garth of Finder’s Keepers, and Brian of Geist Panik […]

What Do Your Internet Searches Say About You?

I Love Alaska – Episode 1/13 from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo. AZM Ally Greg sent along this intimate, and somewhat painful, short film. In 2006, AOL mistakenly published a text file that included millions of “anonymous” search logs of its users. A group of Dutch filmmakers decided to make a documentary series of shorts focusing on […]

Tomb Raider Gets the Boot

Re-boot that is. While Paramount was responsible for the first two Tomb Raider flicks, Warner Brothers now owns the movie rights and is looking to reboot the franchise. It’s weird to hear about a reboot of a movie franchise that started in 2001, but hey, Marvel rebooted Hulk after only five years. There’s also a […]

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