30th Anniversary Gundam Returns to the Universal Century

RX 78-7

It’s a good Gundam Wednesday if you’re a giant Universal Century dork like me! AZM Ally Mike Dent and Angry Zen Minion John Russell write in with word that the next Gundam show will be set in Universal Century 0081, one year after the end of the One Year War. The Republic Zeon has signed the peace treaty and is working towards rebuilding. But not all Zeon citizens are interested in reconstruction. Pockets of Zeon resistance, the Invincible Knights, are working towards a revival of the Principality of Zeon. And so, the Earth Federation forms the Phantom Sweep special forces team to wipe out the militants.

Katoki Hajime is on board as mech designer which makes me all sorts of school girl giddy! He’s my absolute favorite mech designed in all of anime. I can’t wait to see what additional gear the RX-78-7 is going to pick up along the way. There are some previous RX-78-7 designs from mainstay Gundam designer Kunio Okawara floating around out there, but I’m guessing that Katoki will do his own thing.

While it’s not Gundam Unicorn, I’m still quite pleased. No more pretty boy Gundam. Finally, a Gundam show I can get into.

Source: Gunota.info