Kamen Rider Gackt Journeys Through the Decade

So far, I’m totally hooked on Kamen Rider Decade. It’s like a big fanfic love letter to fans of the Heisei Era Kamen Riders from Kuuga on. I haven’t watched all of the Heisei Riders so I don’t get all the references from each world. But I’m really loving every bit of it. I do think Takumi was a bit too much of a door mat, but the Decade version of Faiz was pretty good (though I do miss the hand shake when he henshins). I was a little surprised we didn’t see Kaixa in Faiz’s World, but I suspect he’ll show up again. Can’t wait to see Kabuto’s World. We’ve already had cameos from my favorite Rider pair, Kick and Punch Hopper.

Decade’s design has grown on me. I was a big detractor when the pics finally came out, but seeing him in action is totally awesome. DiEnd is kind of growing on my too although that’s more due to Kaito being such a freaking badass. I think Yuusuke is a great foil for Tsukasa although I wish we got a little more Kuuga action. I suspect that too will change as we come to the end of the world-hopping.

The theme song is sung by Gackt and this is the video for the full version of the song. There is quite a lot of slow mo abuse and when Decade goes to Final Attack Ride-o, he hangs in the air for like a year and a half. Still, I really dig the song. So here it is.