Gundam Unicorn Movie is Real!

Gundam Unicorn Movie

AZM Ally Mike Dent writes in with the UH MAY ZING news that the rumored Gundam Unicorn movie is real! So far, all we have are some preliminary leaked details and the scan above. Yasuyuki Muto will be handling the script. You may know him from Afro Samurai (never saw it myself). Kunio Okawara will be around as always. It just wouldn’t be Gundam without Okawara-sensei. But the news I care about is that Hajime Katoki will be on the mechanical design team! Damn straight! After all, they are his designs.

I expect we’ll have more news within the week when the magazine actually hits shelves. But man, it’s a great freaking Gundam Wednesday!!

Source: Justice Ace