G.I. Joe Resolute Ensures That You Will Never Leave Your Computer

G.I. Joe Resolute

Angry Zen Minions Tyler Anderson and Jameson Utrilla send word that G.I. Joe Resolute on Adult Swim kicks a little bit of the ass. If you don’t have cable or if you missed an episode, you can watch episodes in full online which means that you will never leave your computer, ever. This reboot is written by Warren Ellis so you can expect some next level political intrigue along with a decent helping of arse kicking. The character designs are a welcome update and I like the animation quality. I think I’ll be logging some time with this series over the weekend to catch up. It is weird hearing another voice doing Cobra Commander, but I don’t hate it.

International readers of AZM, I’m not entirely sure if this will stream for you. I don’t understand what the hold up is, but apparently some of the stations that stream their episodes online have a difficult time getting the rights to stream over seas. I apologize in advance if this doesn’t work for you. 🙁

Source: Adult Swim