Only You Can Make Zone of Enders 3 Happen

Zone of Enders

Angry Zen Minion Kamen Rider Jester writes in with word that if you really really want another Zone of Enders game, Hideo Kojima wants to hear from you. In a recent MSG4 podcast, Kojima-sensei said that if there was enough fan interest, Kojima Productions would make Zone of Enders 3. All you have to do is shoot him an email.

My one concern is the platform. MSG4 is a PS3 exclusive. If ZOE3 is exclusive as well, that makes yet another ZOE game that I can never play. When ZOE came out of PS and PS2, I had neither console so there was no way for me to enjoy the giant roboty goodness. Probably should see if ZOE2 is around somewhere since I’ve got a PS2 now. But if this happens, I pray for a 360 version!

Source: Joystiq