Four Shiny New Clips of the Star Trek Movie

I’m already hooked, but AZM Ally Greg dug up four clips from the new Star Trek movie. It slightly worries me that in the future, cameramen can’t hold their shots still. Perhaps cameraman arthritis just comes with the territory in the future. Galactica’s cameramen couldn’t hold a steady shot, now these guys seems to be all a shake when it comes to shooting Kirk and crew. But I think we can live with that.

“Enlist in Starfleet”

Okay, I have to say it. I’ve never been a huge Kirk fan. Will Shatner’s performance always had an endearing charm, but transferring all that cockiness and bravado to a different actor makes him infuriating. I don’t like young Kirk. At all.

“Kirk Meets Uhura”

It appears that Uhura is getting ready to watch Twilight. Why that movie hasn’t been erased from historical records in the future is beyond me.

“Space Jump”

I can’t wait to see this scene on a giant movie screen!

“What Gives You The Right”

Note to self. When someone asks if you’re a god you say… oh whoops. Nero seems… a might perturbed.

Alrighty then, Mr. Abrams, you have won me over. I will be seeing this new Trek of yours. I will pay full price for an opening night ticket and possibly even spring for the popped corn and the soft drink.