Gundam Unicorn Premiers Worldwide Simultaneously!

Gundam Unicorn Movie

Angry Zen Minion Sirhouse writes in with the most excellent news that Sunrise will release Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn worldwide simultaneously! I don’t believe I have enough pants to contain the awesomeness of this announcement! The movie premiers later this winter. No word on format, but I imagine the movie will be released online worldwide and premier in theaters in Japan.

So the dude with the giant 80’s pompadour is Banagher Links. I’m guessing he’s our new Amuro, a civilian thrown into the cockpit of Gundam Unicorn because, well, that’s what young kids do in the future. Apparently, New Type powers make your hair totally awesome. His love interest is Audrey Burne which is totally awesome because now I have an excuse to try to get my wife, also named Audrey, to watch Gundam.

Source: Anime News Network