Complete Your Gundam Cosplay With People Sized Beam Saber

HY2M Beam Saber

You’re looking at a 1:12 scale RX-78 Beam Saber replica. This makes Bandai’s HY2M Air Shock Battle Beam Saber people sized to complete your ultimate RX-78 cosplay. It’s got 20 different sound effects along with eight clips of Amuro screaming things (CHAR!). A motion sensor allows the Beam Saber to play the appropriate sound depending on your swing. Cool! It also lights up. There are two modes. Fighting Mode lets you practice your Beam Saber jutsu. Scenario Mode takes your through eight stages of Beam Saber combat. Not sure how that works, but it sounds like fun. It doesn’t come with a actual Beam so you’ll probably have to cannibalize a light saber replica to get the full effect. The Beam Saber retails for ¥4743 (about $48.53 USD) and you can pick up one or two from HLJ. It runs on three AAA batteries, not included.

UPDATE: Oh look! I found some commercials!!

Source: HobbyLink Japan