I Was Cast as a C-47 Concubot and All I Got Was This Bloody Tshirt

Our feature Concubot, Alicia Lazaris, has posted some photos documenting the horrible things we’re doing to her. They’re called Pleasure Bots in the script, but I like the term Concubot better. Actually, Yuko coined the term when she and Ananth came up to help me paint. But enough jibba jabba, on to the photos!

C-47 Mural

This is a little segment of the giant mural I’m working on. I’ve got to finish this bastard by June 20 and there’s a lot more to go. This particular section was painted by Agnes Asplund who’s part of our visual effects team. She’s a traditionally trained painter and it shows. So awesome. Now I just have to make the rest of the thing look as awesome.

Curtis working on set

This is Curtis Thompson, our Art Director. He has what we like to call, mad skills. I’ve yet to see him ever get upset even when he’s under the gun. Here he is making the temple arch look beautiful. Guess who gets to digitally extend that bastard and make it look bigger.

Alicia and Zehra

That’s Zehra Fazal on the left standing next to Alicia. Zehra is our female lead and knows more Japanese than I do. And I’m half Japanese! *sob* She’s a featured artist at the Capital Fringe Fest which should indicate that she, as well, comes with mad skills.

Alicia and Mason

On the right we have Mason Booker, our esteemed director, painting blood all over Alicia. Mason is a sick, sick fuck and should be avoided at all costs. j/k. None of this would be possible without Mason’s vision and the quality of people working on this show is a true testament to his awesomeness. He’s now sporting a mohawk which I hope to get a photo of soon.

Alicia bloody

Poor Alicia. All tied up and bloody. What kind of pic are we making? Alicia stayed in that corner for over four hours waiting for her shot. She didn’t complain. Didn’t whine. Didn’t faint. She stood there and stuck it out! She deserves a medal.

Looks like fun, eh? Well, if you want to get in on the action and you live near Baltimore, you can come out and be an extra! Head on over to the website for directions, call time, and costuming instructions if you’re interested. We’ll feed you and amuse you with our off camera antics and pantless documentary filming.