CNReal Really Sucks


And from our angry rumors file comes news from Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson that Cartoon Network’s CNReal block didn’t perform as well as they hoped. First we have a post on Cartoon Network’s own message board from a user who says they have word from a friend of a person who was fired from Cartoon Network’s Comedy division. This bit should probably be taken with a grain or two of sodium chloride:

I’ve been talking to someone named “Brawler” who knows somebody recently fired from Comedy Development, which is a section of Cartoon Network that is currently in turmoil, as confirmed by the Animator’s Guild. Right now, the majority of people at Comedy Development have been fired and production on all new comedic series other than Adventure Time has been halted. The fired guy has been spilling his guts out to Brawler, and Brawler let me in on some of the stuff being spilled.

Number One: Cartoon Network is changing its name this upcoming fall or early next year. No concrete date is set yet but this fall is the target. The format will contain far fewer animation than in its current incarnation. I do not have concrete info on the channel’s new name.

Number Two: CN Real bombed spectacularly, particularly on Wednesdays. This is part of the reason for the name change, the hope is that without the “Cartoon Network” name kids will watch the live-action.

Number Three: The original series Chowder is facing cancellation, according to the source and the Animator’s Guild. There is a very good chance that Flapjack will be cancelled, and The Secret Saturdays is also in big trouble.

Number Four: I know NOTHING about what’s going on at Adult Swim. I’ll try to figure stuff out ASAP.

That’s all I know so far. I’m going to try to get more info out of Brawler and his source. Will update as soon as possible.

However, next we get word from “Flapjack” creator Thurop Van Orman who posted the following on his DeviantArt page that sort of contradicts some of the insider information:

Rumors are a flyin’, fueled fooled by people who’ve lost their jobs mixed with some questionable decisions by the network… but…

NO, CARTOON NETWORK isn’t changing its name. Not anytime soon anyways… they were gonna… But I think their reality show idea didn’t go as well as they had hoped, so… they’re kinda backing out of that idea. Yay for cartoons!

No, Flapjack isn’t cancelled. They haven’t even started airing our second season yet, which is the best yet. They just had us make up our schedules and budget for third season…

You see, Cartoon Network, kids and geeks don’t want to watch reality shows starring kids. Kids and geeks want to watch CARTOONS! How hard is it to fuck that up! I hope Cartoon Network gets the message and abandons their CNReal cash grab. It doesn’t seem to be grabbing much cash and it’s really pissing off their core audience.