Airbender Head Shots

Airbender Headshots

Is it just me or does the chick look like that other chick from Chronicles of Narnia except a little older?

AZM Ally Jen Starling from the Racebending crew sent along these head shots of movie Aang, movie Zuko, movie Sokka, and movie Katara.


I am not at all pleased with these casting choices even if I think the henna arrow is an interesting choice and I like Katara’s hair. But to play Devil’s advocate for a brief moment, Michael Clark Duncan was the best part of that stupid Daredevil movie and he played the Kingpin, a character who has always been white in every incarnation he’s ever appeared. He was great. He was the only reason I didn’t walk out of the theater. And I wouldn’t be happy with anyone else playing the Kingpin. Now I know that Jackson Rathbone is no Michael Clark Duncan. But it might be possible, might I say, that Airbender could not suck.

However, I will never know because I will never see this thing. I don’t think they chose the right actors for the right part. I don’t think they chose the best actors for these parts. I don’t even know if it was a conscious decision on the part of the casting director to cast predominantly Caucasian leads. All I know is that Airbender had the chance to portray a fantastical world full of rich diversity and culture with people of all shades and ethinicities all fighting to live together in peace. Instead, we get more Hollywood blockbuster bait.

Airbender the film will never rise to the heights that the series has and will ultimately be a pale shadow of what it could have been. So I guess I’m not all that mad. Just very, very disappointed.

Source: Last Airbender Fans