The Horror of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Box

Jennifer Love Hewitt

If Tyrese Gibson can do it, so can Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’ll be launching a ten-issue series at IDW called The Music Box. Says Hewitt:

The chance to create my very own comic, and a horror/thriller at that, is like a very fun nightmare come true. I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that an inanimate object can hold as much malevolent energy as a human being can. And when they two meet, or are at cross purposes, very bad things can happen.

The series will be written by Scott Lobdell with painted art by Michael Gaydos (covers, I’m guessing) and pencils by Casey Maloney, Adam Archer, George Tuska, and Joe Rubenstein. So I guess Hewitt comes up with the concepts, characters, maybe outlines, and these guys do the heavy lifting.

Never pegged Hewitt as a comic geek. I’m not entirely certain what to think about these celebrity vanity comic projects. Tyrese’s Mayhem looked like drek, but I hear it’s selling fairly well. Rosario Dawson’s Occult Crimes Taskforce seemed to be well received. Plus she’s a gigantic comic geek. I guess if they get people in the stores who aren’t normally comic fans, that’s a good thing. I just hope we never see the day when Paris Hilton does a comic project. Blech!

Of course, if you really want to terrify someone with a music box, just put this track on endless loop:

Source: MTV