Old Man Adama

Well frak me sideways. Edward James Olmos is in the Green Hornet movie. And he’s quite excited to be part of the madness:

I’ll put it to you this way — it’s quite a fun journey. It’s my first time doing this kind of a movie. Blade Runner is the only thing that comes close to this. I’m having a lot of fun. People are really going to like what we’ve done…

It took a while, but things are finally coming together. I think it’s going to be very exciting. People will find that it’s different than what they expect. Seth is doing a wonderful job. There’s a lot of everything. It’s going to be action-filled, and there’s a lot of humor in the situations. It’s really a well-crafted piece of work. Hopefully people will enjoy it and we’ll have a few of these films.

Wait, wait, wait. Just a fucking minute there admiral. You’re comparing this drek to fucking BLADE RUNNER? I think you’ve been spending too much time in deep space fighting toasters.

Well, I guess a few years of playing the most badass badass in the entire damn fleet can get a little intense. I could see wanting to do something a bit lighter. I just wish it wasn’t this stupid film.

Source: LA Times