King of White Washing

Sean Faris is Kyo Kusanagi

AZM Ally Mike Dent just alerted me to the latest case of White Washing in Hollywood:

King of Fighters is coming out soon. The main character of this film is Kyo Kusanagi, a Japanese-born fighter. I could care less about the film itself–I know it’ll be a gigantic trainwreck that’ll probably make Dead or Alive look like Enter The Dragon. However, you’ve decided to cast Sean Faris in a role meant for an Asian actor….AGAIN.

I thought you learned your lesson with Dragonball, Hollywood, but I’m guessing you didn’t give a rat’s ass. What gives?

Is it because you’re afraid, Hollywood? Do you subscribe to the belief of the “yellow menace?” Are you so insecure that you think an Asian lead outside of an action film could lead to less work for the “honest, hard working” Pretty Boys? That your innocent girlfriends would fall prey to their Oriental Charms and be stolen away?

Mother fucker.

The thing that really pisses me off about this is that this film doesn’t matter. There’s no way this is going to be a hit in any way shape or form. The action will be subpar and the plot will be completely botched. There’s hardly a big enough fan base for the King of Fighters games to bank on a built-in fan base. If any movie could take a risk and cast an Asian in the lead, it’s this fucking film that no one gives a shit about. But instead, they pussy out and cast this Sean Faris guy who’s about as Asian as David Henrie.

Fuck. You. Very. Fucking. Much.

I mean, Terry Bogart is right fucking there! If you need a damn white boy as your star, just make the stupid movie about Terry and get an Asian to play Kyo. Fuck!

Asians invented the chop socky film and now they can’t even star in them? Fuck you Hollywood. You don’t deserve my money.

Source: Justice Ace