Dyson Bladeless Fan for Rich People Who Hate Blades

James Dyson is sort of like the Steve Jobs of household appliances. His designs are elegant, forward thinking, and paradigm shifting. Indeed, his work might be game changing if it weren’t for the price tag. Those sleek vacuum cleaners of his will set you back about $400. This ten inch, bladeless fan will retail for around $300. Ugh. Okay, so you can put your head in the thing without getting a concussion. But $300 for a fucking fan?

I’m guessing the target market here are those people without central air who still have those giant, noisy, heavy air conditioning units nailed into a window. If this bladeless sucker can blast out arctic cold air at a fraction of the energy consumption, then yeah, I think we might have a winner. But, if it’s hot outside and hot inside and you open a window so you can blow more hot air around really fast, um, that’s not a happy time. Maybe if you get a bucket of ice and put it in front of the thing, that might work. And I suppose ice is cheaper than air conditioner coolant. If you have central air, this is not for you.

Ultimately, if the price point comes down, I think there’s a good chance we’ll see these in more homes. If it stays where it is, as well designed as it is, I doubt the Dyson hole of infinite air will gain the ubiquity it might to truly shift paradigms. Kind of a shame since it’s a dead sexy piece of kit.

Source: Live Science