Jackie Chan Remakes The Pacifier

If you were one of the unfortunate few who, like I, thought it would be somewhat entertaining to watch The Pacifier on purpose then you know what a horrendous pile of festering and rotted camel testicles that lame excuse for a movie was. Certainly, you would not want to see it again in any way shape or form.

Too bad Hollywood doesn’t see it that way.

Angry Zen Minion Nathan Yuen sent along this trailer for Jakie Chan’s latest, The Spy Next Door, which, for all intents and purposes, is a remake of The Pacifier. Just replace Vin Diesel with Jackie Chan, you get this particular pile of festering and rotted camel testicles. Now I understand that Jackie enjoys working with kids and might be looking to do more family friendly movies (although really, Super Cop is a perfectly great family flick, at least for my family), but his agent should have read the script and realized that sent The Pacifier with a different cover page. Jackie deserves so much better.