Taylor Swift and Swastika Fail

Taylor Swift Swastika Fail

Wow, more costume fail.

Taylor Swift attended Katy Perry’s Willy Wonka themed birthday party and managed to snap a photo with a large bag of douche wrapped in a Swastika. Though her publicists claim that Ms. Swift took a bajillion photos with a bajillion douchebags that night and probably didn’t notice, I find it difficult to ignore the rather red and rather large Swastika plastered on this asshat’s shirt.

I get that in India and some sects of Buddhism the Swastika may be a symbol of reverence. But I seriously doubt this skinny fucker was honoring anyone when he plastered that thing on his shirt. This fucker needs to be punched in the face. And Taylor needs to pick which douchebags she gets a photo with a little more carefully in the future.

Source: Disgrasian