The Big Show Goes MMA

The Big Slow

Ah, the Big Show. I always kind of felt he was like the Rodney Dangerfield of the WWE. It always seemed like they could never figure out exactly what to do with his character. I mean, the high point in his career was when The Rock was busting his balls.

Well, it looks like The Big Show has finally found his calling, Mixed Martial Arts.

Okay, not really.

Paul “The Big Show” Wright will be starring in an MMA film called Knucklehead in which he plays church orphan Walter Krunk who ends up in a New Orleans MMA tourney. It’s intended to be a comedy which is perfect for The Show. Even when he was trying to mean mug in the ring, he always looked like a fuzzy teddy bear.

Not expecting that much from a WWE production. Their film track record isn’t exactly stellar. But there’s potential here for a sleeper hit. The Show is a pretty funny dude. I think if the WWE did more comedies, their movies might perform better.

Source: ESPN

UPDATE: Oh! I totally forgot the Showster! Truly, this was Big Show at his best!