Tron Legacy Has Recognizers, Reconize!

Tron Legacy Recognizer

Tron Legacy will kick all kinds of ass because, as AZM Ally Dave “Torso Boy” Reimer points out, the movie features updated, chromed-out, shiny new RECOGNIZERS!

Okay, this looks badass and I will see it. And the additional pieces of concept art over at AICN do fill me with great antici……………….pation. However, I kinda want more edges in my Recognizer. I realize that industrial design these days has quite a lot of curves and beveled edges. But the Recognizer always scared the shit out of me with its imposing size and razor sharp edges. The silhouette of the updated Recognizer is definitely a beautiful tribute to the original, but it could use some harsher edges.

Ah, that’s me just nit picking. Will see it. Will drool over it. Do want. Now!

Source: Ain’t It Cool News