Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Racebending. Hollywood Cares About Money.

There are new developments in the Racebending world regarding The Last Airbender. There’s even a short video to explain why we are disgusted with the live action version:

As much as I think the casting in Airbender is atrocious and as much as I want to support the Racebending.com community, there’s a big part in this whole debate that’s missing. No matter how loud you yell, Hollywood doesn’t give a shit. You want to change things in Hollywood, you have to speak with your dollars. The only way to get more films in Hollywood that star Asian people is to make movies that star Asian people financial successes.

Tyler Perry has a blank check to make whatever movie he wants to. The reason? Audiences love his movies. Medea’s Family Reunion made a shit ton of money and grabbed everyone’s attention. He’s since gone on to make a sitcom, another Medea movie, and produce other films like Precious. He even had a speaking cameo in the new Star Trek movie! Hollywood loves him because he makes them fuck tons of money. If we want more Asian people in Hollywood movies, we have to support independent Asian American movies.

I think if the Racebending community really wants to get Hollywood’s attention, they should spend more energy promoting independent Asian American films. Airbender is a lost cause at this point. The cast is already set. Filming is already underway. And no matter what the studio does, it’s going to be wrong. If more energy was devoted to promoting Asian American films, then I think we could really grab Hollywood’s attention.

So here’s what I’ve got. The producers of the award winning independent film, Children of Invention, are self-distributing their DVD. You can support them by ordering a copy online, or if you want to get a screening in your town, hit up their eventful link at the bottom of the screenings page. Here’s the heartbreaking trailer:

Next up is White on Rice. If you’re like me, you have been a sad panda for a while because it hasn’t played any where near you. Tiger Industry Films has heard our cries so for a limited time, you can order a special Sneak Peak edition of the DVD while supplies last. Think of it as an official leak that you pay for to support the filmmakers. And here’s the trailer to remind of the ricey goodness:

Finally, we’ve got The Killing of a Chinese Cookie. This indy documentary by director Derek Shimoda traces the origins of the fortune cookie. You can actually watch it online for free. If you like what you see, don’t forget to grab the DVD at Amazon.

Petitions aren’t enough. Protests aren’t enough. If we want more Asians in Hollywood movies, we have to support Asian films. If we want to make a difference, we have to vote with our dollars.