Vancouver Shows Their Love for the Japanese With Japa Dogs!


The few times I’ve been to Toronto, I was always impressed with their street vendor hot dogs which they call “Street Meat” which are quite amazing. The hot dogs are boiled and kept warm in water. Then when you order one, they grill it up on a small grill in the cart. UH MAY ZING!

Unfortunately, I never made it out west to Vancouver. If I had, I would never have left. Not only do they have those same UH MAY ZING grilled dogs, but they put all kinds of Japanese condiments on them! Bratwurst with Edamame? Jalapeno and cheese smokie with seawead, Teriyaki, and Japanese mustard? Kurobuta with bonito flakes, fried cabbage, Japanese mayo, okonomiyaki sauce? KOBE BEEF DOG?! YES PLEASE!

Oh sure, the Olympics are kind of a big deal. But I will always now remember Vancouver as the genius city that invented Japa Dogs! GIMME GIMME NOW!

Source: Japa Dogs