Just Because Your Father Rocks and Rolls all Night and Parties Eh Ver Ree Day Doesn’t Give You the Right to Plagiarize the Mangas

Bleach vs. Incarnate

Dear Nick Simmons (son of legendary KISS rocker Gene Simmons),

If you are going to plagiarize something, don’t plagiarize one of the most popular shonen manga ever published. That’s just fucking dumb. If you’re gonna copy something because you’re a total lazy hack and can’t draw your own shit, copy something obscure that doesn’t have a gigantic rabid fan base of people who can discover your lazy treachery in a matter of seconds.

Everyone who’s not a fucking moron.

So there’s this comic called Incarnate published by Radical Comics that’s written and penciled by Nick Simmons. Now there are a couple of other art credits on this book that give me pause like the art assists from this Studio IL. I wonder just how much of Nick’s penciling there is here or if he farmed it out to Studio IL to do the heavy lifting. In any case, his name is on the creator, writer, and penciler credits so he’s gonna get all of my vile hatred.

Listen, kid. You, of all people, should fucking well know better. There’s not a piece of KISS merchandise out there in the world that doesn’t have your father’s stamp of approval. You know why? Because your dad and Paul Stanly jealously guard the KISS brand so that everything with the KISS name on it meets their standards so that when fans buy something with the KISS name, they know it’s good shit. Your father built one of the most financially successful brands in rock history and he didn’t do it by stealing other people’s music. Take a lesson from your father, create your own shit, and then license the living fuck out of it. This is the worst possible way to start your comics career.

Radical Comics has responded to the allegations by pulling Incarnate and contacting the manga publishers of the plagiarized works in question. But the real heroes in this mess are the fans. Because of their devotion to the manga and their love for manga-ka Tite Kubo.

So all you young aspiring comic creators out there, please remember Wil Wheaton’s law. Don’t be a dick.

Source: Bleachness