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Angry Zen Master

Enlightenment Through Focused Rage

Month / February 2010

6 Reasons Why the Last Dragon Remake is Ungood

The Last Dragon is one of my all time favorite films. I know the entire film by heart. I will annoy the shit out of you if you watch it with me because I will quote the entire fucking thing. It is far from a perfect movie. In fact, there’s much in it that is […]

Rider Baby!

Remember folks, tokusatsu fandom begins at birth! Bandai is releasing this set of ten absolutely adorable onesies from Japan’s most favorite tokusatsu and anime shows! Just look! You can dress up your babay as Devilman, Doraemon, Ultra Seven, Ultraman, Goku, a Shocker trooper, Kamen Rider, Go Ranger Red, or Go Ranger Pink. Seriously cute. So […]

Because No One Expect the Lime Juice!

Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson sent along this trailer for Defendor in which Woody Harrelson takes on crime as a low-budget costumed vigilante. Okay, so someone stole the plot of Kick‚ÄďAss, put a prostitute in it, cast Casey Jones as a villain, and gave Woody a shit ton of cash to act like a complete […]

Winphone Winphone Winphone Ah!

Okay, forget all that shit I said about subtlety. There’s nothing subtle about Windows icons dancing a fool. And now the Korean Winphone song is stuck in my head! I’m soooo buying this shit!

House if Idea Attempts to Astonish

What do you do when your readers start to complain about dense continuity that spans too many books which makes it impossible for new readers to understand and makes buying single issues completely and utterly worthless? Why, you launch a new imprint, that’s what! Marvel, the House of Idea, is launching the Astonishing line that […]

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