A Giant Gundam You Can Afford!

1/48 Scale Gundam

AZM Ally Kiey sent along news that Bandai is about to unleash a 1/48 scale Gundam! Picture above is a scale comparison all the way from the tiny 1/144 HGUC to the gigantic 1/48. See how it dominates the Perfect Grade! There are more amazing photos of this thing in action over at Tomopop.

While the size of the MEGA SIZE MODEL Gundam is quite impressive in and of itself, what I find most insanely awesome is the price. HobbyLink Japan has this puppy for only ¥7,800 (about $86.28USD). Considering the Perfect Grade RX-78-2 is ¥12,000 (about $132.74USD), that’s crazy nuts! I’m guessing it lacks the internal detailing insanity that is standard in the PG series to make it actually affordable. But the size, THE SIZE. Do. Want. Now.

Oh, if it were only closer to my birthday. I would buy this thing, assemble it, slap on the Yellow Peril logo, and take him with me to cons as my awesome booth babe! I love Gundam Wednesdays!

Source: Tomopop