I’d Hit That With My Axe

Porn stars plus D&D should equal major amounts of awesome. Right?

The thing is, watching someone else playing D&D is deadly boring. I mean, sure, it helps that they’re porn stars and strippers and they’re cute even with their clothes on. But if you came across a random video of a group of random cute girls rolling dice to create their characters, you might just keep on flipping. I suspect that future episodes of I Hit it With My Axe may be more entertaining since we’ll probably get to see some actual dungeoning and dragoning and less character creation. Character creation is boring anyway.

Although, I have to admit, Sasha Grey’s line at the end, “So I’m just kinda sitting here sucking. So I guess some of you guys are used to watching that” was fucking gold.

Alright, so when are we gonna have a reality series with a bunch of porn stars drawing web comics?!

Source: The Escapist