Is The Doctor Really a Homewrecker?

I finally caught the Eleventh Doctor’s first episode and before I ramble on a bit here, I’d like to say that I’m digging the new season. I think it’ll take a season for Matt Smith to settle in to his version of The Doctor, but I find the transition between him and David Tennant to be a smooth one. I also quite like Amy Pond. I don’t know why, but I’m quite fond of Scottish accents. I hope she turns out to be a Donna Noble type companion, able to put The Doctor in his place when he needs a smack down or two. Looking forward to how the season plays out.

So yes, I believe The Doctor is a homewrecker. From the Urban Dictionary, a homewrecker is:

One who comes into your life, and screws it all up. This involves stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend, puppy, your friends, until they pretty much take over your entire life.

In the case of Rose Tyler, The Doctor whisks her away from her boyfriend and completely takes over her life through two regenerations. In the case of Martha Jones, she develops an unhealthy unrequited love for The Doctor and follows his every beck and call like a puppy. In the case of Donna Noble, Donna’s first encounter with The Doctor is so compelling that she leaves her to-be husband at the alter and obsessively sets out to find The Doctor again. In the case of Amy Pond, he visits her as a child and promises to return in five minutes only to show up twelve years later. In the time between, Amy develops an unhealthy obsession with the raggedy Doctor and becomes a bit of a social misfit. When he returns, she leaves with him the day before her wedding.

Now it’s true that previous incarnations of The Doctor had a habit of just grabbing random women and whisking them off to who knows where either by accident, on purpose, or somewhere in between. But it seems to me that since the relaunch of the series, The Doctor has taken on a homewrecking streak. Rose can never return to this Universe. Martha became a militaristic mercenary. Donna can’t remember her adventures without blowing up. What kind of fucked up mess is in store for poor Amy?

I’m sure if you asked Rose, Martha, and Donna if it was all worth it they’d all say a very heartfelt “YES!” But their lives have been horribly uprooted and their families have been traumatized. Is being The Doctor’s Companion really worth the personal devastation?