A Gundam You Can Hug

Hug a Gundam

Is it sick of me to admit that even if I weren’t married I’d be much more likely to hug the Gundam than the girl standing next to it?

Angry Zen Minion Charles Gulotta sent along this pic of a new 1/12 scale RX-78-2 Gundam which is based off a previous 1/12 scale version released in 2006. I’ve actually seen the 2006 version at a con once and was very tempted to elope with it. The 30th anniversary Hyper Hybrid Model 1/12 scale Gundam comes with Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Shield, and decals and be custom ordered through Bandai for $3,400 USD.

Someday when I have a house there will be a Gundam shrine–nay–a Gundam room! And this HY2M 1/12 scale RX-78-2 shall be its center piece!!!

Source: Crunch Gear