Marvel Brings Sexy Man Meat to the Silver Screen

Movie Captain America and Movie Thor

Marvel leaked out a bunch of concept art for the upcoming movie versions of Steve Rogers and Thor. There’s quite a lot of man crotch going on right there. They kind of look like apparel ads for some kind of kinky leather costume shop.

On Cap:

  • This pose totally makes him look like a douchey male model
  • I kind of miss the scale armor look in the comics, but I don’t mind shoulder pads. Feels very utilitarian which is a good way to go for film.
  • For some reason, the star on his chest looks like it could be used as a shuriken which could be fun.
  • Always hated the wings on the mask. Glad they’re gone.
  • Practical gloves and boots. Love em.
  • The hell is up with the hexagonal pattern on the pants? Seems like a strange detail. Doesn’t quite work for me. Simple seams would suffice.
  • I like the red suspenders instead of just painted red stripes.
  • Overall, I dig it.

On Thor:

  • Honestly, it feels way too techy. Nothing about this armor, costume, thingy says Norse god to me. Hate to say it, but it’s almost too modern.
  • Just an extension of the first point, but it kind of looks like something Movie Tony Stark would design.
  • Mjolnir works for me, although I kind of miss the large paragraph of too much information on the side of the hammer.
  • Overall, not Norse enough for me.

Of course, the costume is only one small part of a comic book movie. The story, the plot, the acting, those can all make or break a film. If you end up noticing the costumes more than the movie itself, the movie isn’t doing its job.

So, what do you all think of our new leading Marvel Men?