The Dreaded PANDOOM!

I’m totally crossposting this from Yellow Peril, but that’s okay because it’s my comic so I can plagiarize myself if I wanna.

I’ve reformatted the online store and I’m happy to announce our first two products! First up, Pandoom!


A baby panda is born in the Happy Bamboo Grove. It is a time for joyous celebration. But can happiness last in a world that has forgotten nature’s true wonders?

Pandoom is my first ever mini comic about . I’m working on getting print versions ready for this year’s SPX, but if you can’t wait that long or can’t make the show, I’m selling a high resolution PDF version that you can purchase for $1.00 at the store.

If you purchase a digital copy and you’d like to get a copy of the print version, bring along your digital device to SPX with the thing loaded (or just tell me what happens on page 9 of the PDF) and I’ll sell you a print copy for $1.00 (normally $2.00). Along with the print version, you’ll also receive a Daruma inspired button while supplies last.

Next up, Daruma papercraft!

Some of you may have wondered, “Where in the world can I get a cutie Daruma doll just like the one YP uses for navigation?” Well, wonder no longer! Now you can create your very own YP Daruma doll papercraft! Just download the two patter files, print them out, cut out, and assemble with some glue. Printed out on 8.5″x11″ standard printer paper, you assembled papercraft will stand about 4″ tall. Then all you gotta do is make a wish, color in one eye, and when your wish is fulfilled, color in the other eye! The best part, it’s totally FREE! So if you can’t spare $1.00 for a super cute mini comic, get yourself a Daruma papercraft and make your wishes come true.

And please send me lots of photos of your assembled Daruma. I want to see Daruma all over the world!