Gundam Cup Noodle, Three Times Yummier

Gundam Cup Noodle

Nissen Food’s Cup Noodle has combined two of my favorite things, Gundam and food, into one brilliant promotion. Each of these special Chili Tomato Cup Noodle flavors comes with a different 1/380 mobile suit piloted by Char Aznable. The 3 Times Spicier Chili Tomato Noodle comes with Char’s Z’Gok, the regular Chili Tomato Noodles comes with Char’s Zaku II, and the Red Cheese Chili Tomato Noodle comes with Char’s Gelgoog. You can pick these up at convenience stores starting August 2nd for ¥578 per cup which is about $6.63 USD.

But wait! There’s more!

Included with each Char Noodle is a ticket. Send that in to Nissin Food along with your personal details and you could win one of 1000 Master Grade Char’s Zaku II Ver. 2.0 Clear Color version molded in clear red plastic! The campaign begins August 2nd and ends October 31st. Another damn reason to book a flight!

Source: Ngee Khiong