Taking a Break From Chopping Off Fingers, Three Yakuza Sit Down to Play Yakuza 3

If they haven’t already, I believe Boing Boing has won the internet with their Yakuza 3 review done by actual Yakuza. Three Yakuza sat down with a Boing Boing editor and a teenager to show them how to play the game. They evaluated the game based on environment, depiction of the Yakuza, fashion, fight scenes, and story.

This exchange is my favorite:

M: I like the fact that you power up by eating real food. Shio ramen gives you a lot of power — CC Lemon, not as much. It all makes sense.
S: The breaded pork cutlet bento box is like mega power. More than ramen. That’s accurate.
K: If they had shabu (crystal meth) as a power-up item, that would be realistic. It’s a yakuza game.
S: They have sake!
M: Kiryu is an executive, right? We all know the guys at the top don’t drink or do speed.
S: Yeah, not anymore.
M: Can you smoke in the game? I forget. That should be a power-up.
S: Cigarettes and shabu should be in every yakuza game.

Overall, the three Yakuza guest reviewers enjoyed the game. They felt that while it did kind of stereotype the Yakuza life style, it turns out that a lot of the stereotypes are true. The fighting bits are the least realistic part of the game, but overall, it seems like the developers really did some decent research. I love the fact that the three reviewers felt like they knew some of the characters in the game. So awesome.

Source: Boing Boing