Goddamn Frank Miller Must Be Stopped

Goddamn Frank Miller!

Somehow, Gucci thought it would be a good idea to get Frank Miller to direct a commercial for their new fragrance. The ad starring Evan Rachel Wood and Captain Amer–er–Chris Evans will premier at the eMpTyVee Video Music Awards whenever that travesty airs. Damn you Gucci! Now there’s no stopping the Goddamn Frank Miller! Not that I was ever a Gucci customer in the first place, but this seriously makes me throw up in my mouth. This is bloody awful. I mean, fuck, didn’t anyone get the memo? The Spirit was ungood because there wasn’t a real director, like Zack Snyder, on set to tell Frank what the fuck he was doing wrong. Frank Miller is not a director. He’s proven that. Oh yeah, he can draw the ever loving fuck out of a comic book. But he can’t direct.

Please, someone, stop the Goddamn Frank Miller! This ungoodness must not be allowed to continue!