Miyazaki Considers Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie

Porco Rosso

On the one hand, I absolutely love that Studio Ghibli has never made a direct sequel to its films. They are all special little moments in film wonderful to behold and completely unique. However, if sequels are to be made, let them be made of awesome things. Which is why the rumors sent over from Angry Zen Minion Jeff Posey of Hayao Miyazaki considering a sequel to Porco Rosso are so exciting! The new film would be entitled Porco Ross: The Last Sortie and would feature an older Porco and take place during the Spanish Civil War. We don’t have much more as far as details go, but in an interview with Japanese Cut Magazine, Miyazaki has been working on the background for the story.

Whether or not Miyazaki gets to make his Porco sequel depends largely on the success of Ghibli’s next two films. So, bottom line, if we want to see more Porco (and I’m pretty sure we do), we have to support Ghibli’s next two films (which is difficult here in the U.S., but somewhat doable).

Source: Slash Film